A bunch of lonely love poems full of longing and tired feelings

Bạn đang xem: A bunch of lonely love poems full of longing and tired feelings

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The following lonely love poems are filled with nostalgia written with tears, loneliness is always accompanied by pain and nostalgia. If you are in love, of course you will understand the taste of loneliness and longing for the person you like. No eyes, no lips, no warm arms, soft shoulders, you will feel lost and lonely.

Here, upanh123.com sends you a bunch of lonely love poems full of artistic conceptions of wishing to be alone. Share it and relieve your worries!

A series of short lonely love poems

Besides the sweet and romantic taste of love, there is also the sadness of parting, heartbreak, and secret sadness that always exists in love. If you feel down because of love and don’t know how to express your feelings, then read the following short lonely love poems to find your depression somewhere.

lonely time

When you’re alone, your feet are cold on the long road you’ve walked, your thin shoulders are mixed with sadness when you’re heartless with those who love you deeply

When loneliness makes my heart ache, I suddenly give birth to unrelenting regrets, now happiness is gone, and I fly away with the wind and clouds.

When I’m alone, my lips are suddenly wet. Angry at myself for not cutting off my own hand. Only when I lose heart will I know?

When I’m lonely, my eyes are tired, but it’s too late, my heart is restless, when all is lost in fog, where can I find happiness?

When lonely, think about that day, there was a love…

one night alone

Author: An Jiangbu

At night, his heart wandered forever according to the flow of time, nostalgia followed him throughout the night, that place must have been asleep now.

The summer moon is yellow, the night is windless, the night is as black as ink, seemingly endless.

I want to send you a message, but I’m afraid that I will wake up Chun Ye. Stop talking to loneliness. A confidant is never arrogant.

Even though it’s as exciting as a festival outside, when I’m sad, I’m still by your side.

lonely Mao

The leaves sway in the sun in the afternoon breeze, people in overalls look forward to autumn, the season of joy, happiness and excitement

And the man closed the latch. Dream about that day when we meet each other. Autumn afternoons wrapped around each other…now look ahead and take care of yourself.


When sad alone, ask your heart, ask your faithful soulmate, cold and melancholy like summer drizzle, who do you call?

My heart fluttered when I heard it, and I thought that someone was going to come home with me, and I felt a thrill as I waited for that. sad I woke up alone.

No wonder the cruel night let me find you alone in my dreams

sad sad

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Sad because of the invisible love of the lover, had to be alone, bewildered to go anywhere, the soul pretending to follow the clouds.

What a pity fate, God is so cruel, at night listening to crickets chirping, unfortunately fate is not beautiful

Tears in the night God help me to see the stars even if it’s just a dream sneaking into the night

Give me a peaceful scene Like the afternoon wind blows Give me human love and simple things

So that I have no regrets, even for a moment, I will be grateful for the rest of my life!

lonely afternoon

Saturday afternoon I go home alone Thinking of people My eyes are blurred Because of a time when white clothes are listless Saturday afternoon They love each other They look forward to Saturday afternoon sunset They have already picked it up Afraid I will pick up loneliness every Saturday afternoon Sunset

I’m lonely

I choose one person, silence. After the storm, I know how to love myself. Suddenly, I understood that nothing is indestructible.

Then commit to spending the money until it starts. The road is still long and deep, only to understand the depth. Everything is short, not infinite.

I just want to keep my inner peace and sing a soothing lullaby for life.


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I’m so sad, I just want to cry for a long time to forget all the wild sadness. Also know that it is stupid love. Why is the heart still bustling with nostalgia.

Countless times want to end, love in the heart is always foolish. Love forever only painful failure. What I got in return was an aching heart.

I’m so sad and want to cry

Can someone help me forget about magic. Stop grieving to reduce my hope. Forget the love in your heart. Stop being sad and miss strangers.

lonely love poem sad sad alone

Poetry is considered the faithful secretary of the soul. People love poetry because one can experience it. And in it can find many emotions of poetic soul as well as human soul. Today we want to bring you to feel lonely sadness through the following lonely love poems.

we pay each other

(Snow Trang)

On that day, we gave each other the gift of love. The long white night of martial arts poetry. Answer the question of waiting. Tired of years of dreaming and waiting.

Giving each other a beautiful rose, we forget the thread of love, forget each other in the cold night, the empty street does not hurt

Give each other a frame of wind, rain and sun, Meet each other for a lifetime in the same rhythm, a long night to forget the dream of a fairy, sleep far away.

Give each other a sad, sunless horizon. Clouds passed a lonely life. There are heartbreaking and broken moments in this world. There are lullabies flying around…

Giving each other the way to the lonely street The rainy afternoon wet the hearts of orphans The cold early winter Forget all the memories of the deserted day…

How much love and nostalgia have been exchanged in this life, despite the tears of the night, painting this life bitterly…

Dream of a bright moon

(Snow Trang)

The yellow moon is far from the bottom of the water, the sun indifferently exposes the withered petals, leaving the happy season in the music, wrapped in a warm towel.

The full moon, the crescent moon, hopes for a thousand years, and the dream of a hundred years is like a starry night dream, a deep moon, a new moon, and a full moon.

Lovers hold hands and pray silently, vow to be at peace in the palace, glance at the road while talking about the moon, reflecting the lover’s shadow

miss the afternoon

(Snow Trang)

Sad afternoon, gray clouds, cold winter rain, melancholy wind remembering the bright sunshine, noisy and cheerful people’s street, quietly thinking of a person upstream… lights up many memories here, in the middle of a lucky pig In the afternoon, a corner of the street in white clothes is waiting for you, letting your hair down. The wind blows. . I suddenly remembered Han Bing’s poem as a string “I’m crazy – I’m tearing the wind”

sowing wandering love wandering…

love me

(Snow Trang)

During the years we were together, in my heart, I still have the old image in my heart. The passionate kiss of first love, and the days of longing and silence.

I will leave every piece of sunshine for you. Afternoon date in the park. Dream about the day the two of you are destined. Every empty night, listen to your heart.

That love is always fluttering, pink memories are still beautiful in dreams, even now in the middle of a lonely life, I still miss her.

Every breath I keep in my heart Yesterday’s dream flowers are forever sweet in my heart I pour the scent of dreams into sweet honey.


(Snow Trang)

Wherever you are, my love for you is still full, many people are still longing. Sending the wind to the sky, sending incense to the soul.

I go to this direction, my heart flutters, I earnestly miss which way, every night I talk to the moon and the wind, send people there.

In you, I know the days of waiting, the days of nostalgia in dreams, the lonely afternoons walking on the empty streets, the heartbreaks in a poetic heart.

Can I tell you where in the room I’m tired of longing to fall back with an icy soul. My heart is full of personal stories.

I loved you so much, why wait. Let my soul wake up through the series of poetic days. Let’s dream together. Let me never be stupid again.


(Hoang Minh Nghia)

Vi Vi looks back at her distant love, so many years of wandering, the rest is the cold silent night, I’ve been gone since I fell in love with you

Looking back to find you in the old days, the grass was green, my awkward love reminded me to look in the empty drawer…

Please don’t look at me with strange eyes, don’t be an innocent leaf, treat it like a frozen autumn, Wanri gently kills your soul!

Don’t you want to hurt a thousand times more than me? A handful of gray autumn, coming to turn my heart into dust, the bell waiting for the beat of time…

lonely night poem

When night falls, when everyone and everything is asleep, in that quiet space, people often express their emotions in the most authentic way. How much love, how much nostalgia, how much sorrow have been found in nostalgia. The following “Lonely Night Poetry Collection” is described in this way.

whisper late at night

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It’s late at night, go to sleep bro, don’t mention the old story, worry about the new tomorrow, how to make life better

No longer a husband and wife separated, the family has a house, and the luggage is no longer available. Half of his life wandering around because of poor karma still haunts him.

As a wife, there is nothing I can do. Think about feeling sorry for your own ailing body. Make him more burdened. Work hard day and night.

The more I think about it, the more I love him, his whole life is overwhelmed by his wife and children, but he does not have a word of complaint, only mourns his husband but sheds tears.

It’s late at night, let’s go to bed. The future counts. Will understand one day. Let’s not suffer anymore.


Tossing and turning at night sounds lonely, the wind rustles, it’s chilly, the virgin flower branches on the roadside, the flower buds send love to the heart

A few prayers in a quiet night Praying for each other for a lifetime Love does not fall like nostalgia for a time

The night is tired, the flowers are about to bloom, the rain is falling, the betel nut flowers are still startled, who wants to ask the sky?

Quiet night, clouds playing with wind, smiling eyes, bright eyes, love each other, determined to let the restless night erase hatred

I’m sad tonight

Author: Binh Dao Street

It’s late at night, why does sadness come My heart is full of unknown thoughts Sadness comes again, happy sunset

Foolish to let sadness blow, cold all over, blame yourself for confusing thoughts, use your mood to measure

I was startled when I suddenly heard that he was on duty late at night. Looking around, searching… just me, the silent night invisible.

It’s late at night and I’m sulking alone, hating myself, sulking in the darkness covered with sadness. Sadness lurks somewhere, I hide it from no one


Author: Ly Cong

Alone sobbing in the middle of the night The moon thought I was shining I hope you don’t see me Half happy half half sad

Whose split moon? …the bare roads are zigzag, September and October are difficult to cross the wharf

Experience Rhythm… Draw alone in the middle of the night! …,

late night music

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Who hangs the full moon, who leads the moon’s soul into the deep river, who leads the happy moon, who leads the virgin’s heart?

Why does your guitar sound so sad today Every drop of sorrow seems to want to tear someone’s heart Is it because the love you gave but did not receive makes my heart anxious?

Look at the moon

A sad night… Looking at the moon hanging, looking at people far away, bringing the moon back.

My people.. keep your oath! Autumn is here, Spring is coming, come back to me. I was sad and told the moon that spring has come and the moon will bring you back.

Honey! I remember the vow, the night of the spring moon, I will return with the moon, I will return, it’s the Lunar New Year, my white light is brilliant, and my shadow is your shadow.

Sitting in the middle of the night watching the moon, the wind blowing the clouds away, hugging you tenderly. In front of the threshold two golden hearts breathe together… Look at the moon hanging…!

bring sadness

Author: Dang Pham

In the middle of a lonely night Looking into the distance, a flock of birds fluttering A space of silence with tears and a sad heart.

Take care of each cage, fly with everything, wish like clouds in the sky, fly with the wind

Looking back at the wandering streets, my heart hurts even more. It’s sad to treat each other like that

Just like that, day by day, time is the medicine to heal the wound Oh sad story, I want to forget but my heart still haunts me. girder belt lonely love poem

It is best to write about loneliness and emptiness here, and I hope you can find your heart among the words. Loneliness is always accompanied by loneliness. When you are lonely, share with the above series of poems, you will find your heart lighter. Good Poems – Tags: sad love poems, good love poems

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