The Most Touching Farewell Poems to Friends, Teachers, School Teachers

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A collection of poems saying goodbye to friends, teachers, and school is a collection of poems that can always bring emotions and charm to people’s hearts. Every one of us has gone through the years of going to school with summers filled with sadness. Therefore, when the summer comes, it is also the time when the farewell poems for teachers are welcomed by many poetry-loving readers.

In order to meet your needs, today would like to provide you with the most touching collection of farewell poems to friends, teachers, and school. Let’s share together!

farewell poem best friend

Poems about memories under the school roof, about teachers and dear friends, every time I re-read it, I can’t help but be moved. Student time is probably the most beautiful time of each person, that’s why there are many beautiful poems and songs about the white shirt era. After reading the following farewell poems to friends, if you have ever experienced student life, how many people are not moved?

farewell time

The school drum hastily sounded

I was shocked to say goodbye to my student age.

Even though I tell myself it’s time to part

But my soul still struggles with sorrow!

Blame is always eternal sadness,

Or blame the grim division of time?

School, school is far away

Dear friend, where are you?

Master, I have to go away now

When will the familiar silhouettes be found again?

The phoenix wings are indifferent to the wind,

Is there a shadow of a person standing still in mourning?

Who has melancholy purple eyes in the classroom?

Sad to say goodbye to whom?

remember school age

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school year is over

Gone are our childhood days

Weaving Spring Dreams

Pick up the book and look to the future

morning is gone

Ao dai flutters to bring people to school

pure as dew

Red phoenix flowers bloom all over the road of childhood

afternoon has passed

Who will pick everyone up after school?

Vi vu on the road

Long dress with shawl and long hair.

Memories of the past tomorrow

Years of dreams have gone forever

Spring weaves poetic rhymes

Give me nostalgia raging in my head.

fallen leaves

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watch the leaves fall

Reminds me of my student days

love childhood

Our teachers and friends are together!

Blackboard with white pages

Small Pencil – Ruler – Colored Pencil

With pure white shirt

Elegant with wind, elegant shape!

go to school, we call each other

my friend my friend is full of joy

The days of stealing books are long gone

A teacher and a friend!

Do you miss me?

Where are the teachers now?

Blue hair is also dyed now

Sun and rain fade over the years!

teacher is still the same

Persevere in leading students

how many restless nights

On the lesson plan page, students should!

The meal parents never forget

Teachers teach letters to grow up and build a life! ‘.

Guestbook line

Author Quoc Phuong

The guestbook line…the notebook is still there

Summer has come… Red phoenix flowers on the schoolyard

This person’s hair is dew point

But so many memories are still in my mind

sometimes… want to come back

Once upon a time…under the old school roof

play together in the afternoon

I secretly miss the end of the year welcome

Foolish love… lonely and lonely

One Side… One Love Song

That young woman is so beautiful

How does it feel to love but not dare to confess?

The guestbook line… suddenly appeared in my mind

How many years.. rule my heart

Phuc Thang Huan

Each season of phoenix blooms bring with it nostalgia.

time past

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In the distance, I hear the school drums

Why am I crying inside?

think of cute shapes

Remember the good old days.

remember the vertical branch is momentum

Busy cicadas chirping on the summer solstice

Remember each familiar stone chair

I still remember the elegant white shirt that day.

so many good memories

suddenly reminded me of this

Remember every word of the teacher

Remember the tears of the day apart.

now my heart is fluttering

Remember the news page given today

fourteen long years

But I think it was yesterday’.

summer nostalgia

Author: Dai Quang Sam

there are summers that never come back

Powdered phoenix wings with the sound of cicadas

Old pages… fade, then disappear

Song of the heart, king of nostalgia

The person back then still had ink stains on his hands!

Or have spent miles!

Still picking up the yellow leaves, every autumn comes!

Or… get on the boat with people!

Old Summer Flower Carpet – Butterflies Fly

Off shoulder dress with short hair

Friends whisper, tease… prank

Walking quickly, looking at each other blushing, whispering…

Last summer, the sun shone by the river

Footsteps running towards the gravel road!

be a random poet

Constantly twitter… cheating poem

Who stutters on the board can’t remember!

Who in the class looked at it and shed tears!

Who’s letting their hair down on the podium!

Who looks like a ‘fool’… stupid!

Who still keeps the summer in the yearbook!

fragrant dried flower petals of school age

People meet again! Who is in the distance, then disappear!

Cherish the summer that is over forever! ‘…

farewell childhood

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Last minute leaving the old school roof

stay away from friends, cherish love

When I was a student, I longed for love

Now that you’re gone, sadness lingers in the corner of your eyes

It takes forever to know that my heart hurts like a cut

I can’t look, I just turn my face away

Tears run down my eyelids, wet my eyelids

Embrace the humiliating parting memory

The color of red phoenix, the sound of cicadas

buried, earnestly from here

Goodbye, so many innocent dreams

Don’t lock up, a series of days of dreaming

I’m standing in the sky

The eyes are watching, the distance is far, far away

Wondering if the days will fade

Or always remember, even if time does not wait.

remember school age

Author: Dushi Jinduo

How many Phoenixes have you seen in bloom?

How long has it been since you left your old school?

Does your old friend know enough?

Does the old teacher know who lost to whom?

The road to becoming a celebrity is wide open

The boy buried three feet of earth

I’m lazy to count the days

My life is like smoke

How long has it been to say goodbye?

How many things are in the message page?

the kind of king who never dates

farewell to the pink phoenix

Who is afraid to hide love?

Who is carefree or pretends not to know?

I’m afraid that tears will blur the page of farewell poems

Smiling mouth, teary eyes…

Student time is as beautiful as a cloud

pure white in the dark blue sky

Dear friends, I love you so much

There was a time when passion burned.

touching farewell poems to friends

Summer vacation is coming, exam season is also the farewell season for senior students. Sending you touching farewell poems and pure student life emotions. The nostalgia when leaving the beloved school, or when thinking about the time when going to school.

i love you so much students

School age, love Yunfa

I cycled through Phoenix Street

Hear in the wind who whispers

Let me walk the same path with you!

At school age, I loved Chinese too much

Small page of red pressed phoenix wings

The teacher’s words are still there

All the chalk dust falls in the white dream.

love poetry of school age

grew up clumsy

with storks laden with dreams

Someone’s eyes are peeking at me.

I love you so much these days are gone

very clearly never seen again

The ship has passed, why is it gone forever?

Is there a train that takes me back to my childhood?

parting feelings

The campus is covered with hogweed

beloved childhood

There is a very sincere teacher

If you have friends, play with me

full-time teacher

Like a bright star in the sky, love

Sunshine, wind, rain, dew

lead me all the way

I’ve been teaching high school all my life

Teachers are like good parents

There are sad times too

We are innocent little swallows practicing to pass the exam

sometimes feel helpless

On the way to find your dream

Teachers are very sincere

As a ferryman with a lovely figure

I will delete a lot next time

so many old memories

don’t apologize ma’am

This is a small poem as a parting gift

no topic

Who are we tomorrow?

Old friends die, schools change

No one is good when I’m sad

Where is the bitterness?

If life is not divided into many doorways

let friends sit together

But fate, no matter how painful, must be endured

Just want to live in someone’s footsteps

Whose last class?

tears in the corner of eyes

That love has been gathered in the days

see you off to your old school

awkward parting minutes

The rest know what to say

no one has time to sit and comfort

I can’t help but cry and cry…! ! !

Good collection of poems and farewell season


Everyone cried at the year-end party

I’m sad to say goodbye

Personally, I do it on purpose…laugh out loud

We will meet again…why cry?

wow…fridge stuff

Let’s go there and take the same class

Don’t feel sorry for the person sitting next to you

Just a big grin and want a cup on your head

Then I took the architecture exam

Then he chose a bank

invite each other out, or loudly

No one has to share every table

second year, third year, fourth year

The day goes by, the day is far away

Many times when we meet, we are teased and stared at: kid

why is my laughter so dull

Boys invite each other to class meetings

Wink and smile: remember to give it to outsiders

Still thinking. . .My heart was pounding

If I had to bring… who was that person?

Go with a stranger that school day

Taller and more mature than me

I stick to the right guys

try to hide feelings of resentment

think back to that festival

Actually…i cried a lot

It’s over, poor idiot

Hide forever… my love, my love…!

no topic

Only the sound of cicadas rustling in the wind

Purple mausoleum whispers in the drizzle

The last lesson is quiet and peaceful

last class dear all

The blackboard is tinged with sadness

Dream door frame, dream sky

Suddenly, I was startled to hear the sound of time breathing

The last class is silent

Rows of stone benches are cold in the summer rain

Memories of a “Bad” Time

Please collect old school memories

Farewell to the phoenix flower that fell on the schoolyard

Bye bye blackboard blackboard

Farewell to the time when going to school in white shirt

Hello “Sunshine Raindrops”


The old road is still warm and sunny

Ao dai with beanie

Because who wet whose eyes?

It was an unforgettable time

time to go out and hang out with friends

Naughty jokes about silly love stories

Flowers have not bloomed, love to pick them up

follow the clear clouds without worry

Summer is here, why is everyone sad?

Now that I’m old, I regret my lips

Are there any heavy tears that have fallen?

See you tomorrow.

always remember summer

Lost in the middle of summer

students suffering cicadas

Pink phoenix remembers being stunned

Childhood innocence is no more.

remember days gone by

Climbing trees, folding flower branches in school

gift girlfriend lover

To this day, it is still a problem.

Leaving childhood with pink phoenix

immersed in great nostalgia for a long time

Bring your future wishes

University lectures are hard.

hard times dear

students talk all day

Sitting under a tree one summer afternoon

Admire the poetic sunny terraced fields

bring love to confusion

But dare not say thank you to Huazhi

Fu Ziling in the afternoon

This is my love for her.

I wish I could turn back time

make me fall in love again

Your soul flies like a kite

Endlessly tilted in the windy afternoon.

Above is the most touching collection of farewell poems to friends, teachers, and school roofs compiled by I hope you like it. Please share and find your feelings again! Happy poetry reading!

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