TOP Poems about Uncle Ho deeply and dearly

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The following series of poems about Uncle Ho sweet and profound will bring readers many unspeakable emotions. Writing about the beloved Uncle Ho is always an endless source of inspiration for writers and artists. There are many poems written about Uncle Ho, each poem is a line of affection and sincere gratitude to the nation’s old father.

Making Uncle Ho’s poetry has its own beauty. Since the poems are written in hexagon, the lines are smoother, sweeter, and more accessible. Here, brings you the most profound collection of Uncle Ho’s poems. Let’s share together!

The Best Poems About Uncle Ho

“Uncle Ho’s Poems” is a collection of poems written about Uncle Ho, the voice of gratitude of the whole Vietnamese nation for Uncle Ho. Dear Leaders, I would like to ask readers to share with us the overflowing emotions, as well as the love for the homeland, the country, the simple but vast people, the warm brotherhood. alike!

Uncle Ho in Vietnam

Author: Le Duyen Bac is forever a shining example. The deep sea of ​​love in the world was born for the sake of the country, grateful to Uncle Ho——Vietnamese old fathers are not afraid of danger, day and night, quietly. Endless patriotism. The sea and sky share the same color. Naturally rich, very grateful to Uncle Ho

Uncle Ho is forever in people’s hearts – Author: Uncle Ho’s homeland is the image of a father Uncle He is a loving mother

Uncle’s heart is like the song Uncle Ho’s heart is immense, the sky and sea are immense, true love is everywhere, Mei will always remember Uncle.

Hello dear uncle

By: An Thi Tran Which tower is as high as the sky ten thousand times more than your words of love How much more beautiful than much effort

Eternal flowers bloom, still sweet scent of SEN, send children to the four directions of the North and the South, the warmth of the South, passing it on from generation to generation.

So beautiful, the North and the South have experienced the best memories of youth, and the blue color of Monday’s happiness Your name will forever echo together

Uncle Ho’s happy path went everywhere The lake named Fatherland Always praised the BEST EVENT OF ALL VIETNAM named Uncle Ho…

Shi Xianshu

Author: Nhung Pham At the beginning of spring to visit Uncle Ho, every year, there are sunny and rainy years, and there are windy and rainy years.

But why do I still want to laugh because I see him smiling at me Today with enough colors to bring home k9 to celebrate

Today Uncle Ho gave gifts again, Uncle Ho’s children and grandchildren all went to heaven, we came from all sides to pay respects to Uncle Ho.

Today, the capital welcomes guests from 63 provinces and cities, and today the whole country is famous all over the world. Learning from Uncle Ho and following the heroic example

Together we vow to follow Uncle Ho’s Party to protect our country today

i miss you

Tonight at O ​​Lau wharf Uncle Ho sits and remembers Uncle Ho’s beard, remembers Uncle Ho’s picture under the flag. Pink cheeks, gray hair on Uncle’s head, gentle eyes like stars Uncle looked up at Ca Mau when it was dark and bright I miss the moonlit Mid-Autumn night, hometown I broke the bank, my uncle sent yellow rice. I remember when my family was out, my uncle led the army to take care of him. Do you miss much from afar? But do you know my heart in the night Looking at your bright eyes, beard, wide forehead and white hair, the more I look at me, the more confused I become, the more I look at the picture, the more I feel sorry for you I suspect that you kissed you, even though I far from the mountains, but your figure is not far away in your heart, another enemy wants to cut your jaw, but the south is still forward, uncle, facing the red flag, day south and north meet, lie down for one night, I have a dream. That day, I met Uncle He again in the South. Spring and winter street in front of the gate. Uncle came to the mansion. Uncle standing Uncle smiled very gently and told Dong that he was calm every word. Uncle stroked his beard. Uncle stroked his head. Uncle hugged me and laughed. He also remembered poor Nan suffering early.

Miss other Ho Chi Minh cities

Uncle went far today, in his heart he wished for a prosperous country In the time of crazy bombs, today the country has changed Uncle

On the day of birth, children and grandchildren return to their motherland with full affection.

The arduous road to save the country has flown all over the world, stretching for thousands of miles, now the south and the north share the same house, the strong country moves forward.

The river is prosperous, stable, self-reliant, self-sufficient, worthy of the name Uncle taught in the morning, I swear to follow forever

On your birthday, we would like to send you a thousand thanks, although you are no longer here, your gratitude is full of rivers and mountains…

can miss my other half

In the morning, when I returned to visit my uncle, my heart was sobbing, longing, and rejoicing. The flags of flowers are blazing in the sky, the shadows are forever etched…

Uncle lying majestically still has a wide forehead, sparse beard, his hair is still as silver as before, the khaki color has faded from the sun and rain…

Soon, Uncle’s garden became more joyful. The trees are shaded with birdsong. The coconut tree is full of sweet fruit. The petals swaying in the blue sky: Uncle is back!

Mango tree, sweet fruit, bunch of milkweed, welcoming, smiling chariot, small fish greeting him in the pond

Are you happy at school, your eyes are as bright as the stars in the sky… uncle! Uncle Qiangu’s teachings will never be forgotten.

visit someone’s house

Visiting Uncle Morimura’s house The rows of hibiscus dotted with pink flames White butterflies hover around clusters of yellow guava Bees fly in the sky Uncle’s childhood home The tile roof has passed through generations of sunshine and rain The hammock is cool at noon and summer The village lotus is like Nha village is interspersed with round bamboo rafts See red phoenix flowers and white butterflies fluttering.

Touching Poems About Uncle Ho

Here, would like to introduce the most profound Uncle Ho’s love poem. The poem is the author’s sincere affection and gratitude to the old father of the nation. Please share so I can find the best poem!

remember another birthday

Uncle has been gone for many years, love is always hidden deep in my heart, remembering the ups and downs of the country, Uncle is like a torch in search of freedom.

Love the people Encourage the people to unite, help the poor People believe in the party Together get out of poverty and get rich

The border is stable, the militiamen get rich. Happy birthday Uncle Ho. The whole people and the whole party shouted the oath together.

Build a beautiful, free, free life!

Miss other Ho Chi Minh cities

Poetry: Uncle Mak Ying went far away to wish for a prosperous country In the time of bombs and bullets, the country has changed.

On the day of birth, children and grandchildren return to their motherland with full affection.

The arduous road to save the country has flown all over the world, stretching for thousands of miles, now the south and the north share the same house, the strong country moves forward.

The river is prosperous, sustainable, independent and self-reliant, worthy of the name Uncle taught to enlighten, I swear to follow forever

On your birthday, we would like to send you a thousand thanks, although you are no longer here, your gratitude is full of rivers and mountains…

remember other

Great and beloved Uncle Ho endured hardships for the people for the country, wished the country spring bloom of independence, moving forward properly.

Not ashamed to be the descendant of the Immortal Dragon, life cannot sleep peacefully.

Disasters and tribulations a thousand times more. A clear and private mirror is kept forever. Forever nurturing faith. Dreams of the homeland are deeply engraved in people’s hearts

Rest in peace Uncle. Haitianhechuan, praise. Beautiful green bamboo, moon flower, tall father.

Although they are small, they do not respect, worry about building their homeland, stand shoulder to shoulder to move forward.


Dear Uncle Zhong, we returned to visit you this morning. Green trees, green flowers, fresh leaves, bright sunshine, happy hearts.

Miss Uncle Ho so much, Uncle left thousands of love, brave and resilient grandchildren, building the country following Uncle Ho’s example!

I lied, I slept like a dream. May Vietnam’s property be sustainable

We come to visit our beloved Uncle, he will enlighten the people. Let the spring of Vietnam be forever beautiful and splendid.

baby country

Yesterday afternoon, I visited my uncle’s hometown, the simple hammock, the simple thatched roof, the cradle of my childhood radiated magical light, grew up like a dragon and a fairy, felt the passing of life, the divided legend. Couples, suffering compatriots, Uneducated hands from all over the world trying to save the country from Ho Chi Minh’s tribulation, the sun, a national hero, a famous person passed away, leaving the world a thousand-collected Buddha statue in the world bright tower High mountains and rivers, mausoleum Thieu Dai May 19, Poetry on the full moon day of January is forever a fairyland

can come to my house

In May, he returned to Uncle Kim Lien’s hometown, the vast homeland of singing and dancing, the rice waves covered with lotus-scented green robes, full of human footsteps, five continents and four seas, far and near, quietly walking among the world. The old harmony always sings high The old rhombus beats the rhythm of labor, the thatched roof is fresh, the time is long gone, the waves crashing on the green, green, and blue forest a thousand miles of sweet words, Among countless songs, you are still there , uncle for three years is enjoying the joy of returning to his homeland, the founder of Vietnam, glorious independent autumn, mountains and rivers, sunny land, a song dedicated to him – a young man with a mind of water

Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha

uncle’s grave

Four or three years ago Uncle passed away Today I come back to visit Uncle Uncle Uncle still see a smile on his radiant face It seems that declaring in Ba Dinh Our country is independent, our people are free Uncle visited Four cars of Uncle ordinary workers At the house on stilts, when Uncle stayed at the house on stilts, Uncle’s office was still like a lovely radio, wearing worn sandals, next to was a fish pond, with a curved bridge at the bow of the boat and a blue painted crossbow. next to the green willows Let go of your hands and let your heart loose How many stories are told From Hue Shining bright pink Pink enlightening our people

Chen Ting Thursday

About Morimura

Take you back to Lien Hoa village to visit Uncle Kim Lien Nam’s hometown. The autumn sky is golden and sunny. The jade green hibiscus flowers are born Lien Hoa village is born a talented person who has no career to save the country. and overcome many difficulties and obstacles in the future Back to my motherland, the old thatched-roof homeland on Truc Lam street, the green flower garden uncle is beckoning to us, sincerely lighting incense to offer to you, uncle, forever , deep meaning. Lifelong record of this afternoon the wind takes you, the morning star leads the afternoon

baby birthday

Happy May 19, the birthday of the Chinese who have gone through many hardships to save the country without forgetting the years. One heart for the country, for the people. The country is still suffering, but for thousands of years, Uncle Ho has protected him. Forever grateful to the Fatherland without Uncle, for all eternity, his children and grandchildren will always be with him Uncle’s love is everywhere, friends from all over the world praise Uncle Uncle’s love forever, gypsy to the Fatherland, everyone is grateful to him a thousand times. . Wreath to burn incense to commemorate Trader Kim Thoa BREAK EVERY DIEN BIEN

tram in the morning

Dien Bien, a land of heroes, famous historical landmarks in five continents, Four years after liberation, Dien Bien shocked the world, a pure white shirt. With the brothers returning, the Nam Rong stream meandered around. Mong Khanh wet rice field ripe golden rice Sixty years of building a glorious new province today My homeland is renewing day by day Dien Bien is rich and beautiful

yellow tiger cat


The sun is always shining on the street, remembering the old country sunshine, the countryside sun creaking in the hammock, the bamboo raft leaning, the wind shaking the betel rig, the clear blue countryside sunshine, the long strawberry fields, the silver river dyed with rice, the sound of the piano is not afraid. tired, the sound of bagpipes fluttering on my back, far from the countryside, I still remember the saying “The afternoon sun in the countryside, the sun is a good place, but now I’m basking in the city sun, I only worry about one white and white color in my life” Day I’ve been here since I was ten o’clock my hair has turned gray. don’t know people

Author: Vo Ve Thien

The eight poems above by Uncle Ho contain both respect and compassion, praising Uncle Ho’s boundless love of the country and people, and remembering the great merits of the leader. Each poem is a feeling, an emotion and a meaning that the author wants to convey in it. Hopefully the poems about Uncle Ho above can also be for your reference.

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